Three years ago Michael came to me with a request to assist him and his team in creating a wellness center that incorporated various aspects of alternative healing including naturopathic medicine, body-centered therapies, a holistically-oriented esthetician, colonics (which we later realized would be better set as a relationship with a local colon hydrotherapist than within the center due to what was required physically to make this type of service available) and an herbalist.  Michael himself is a rolfing professional and yoga therapist.  For many year’s he’d had this vision and now, in a new relationship with a naturopath, he felt ready for the two of them to venture forward together.

Within the realm of creation, together Michael, his new partner and I created:

  • A mission/ vision document for the center.
  • A business plan including a marketing plan, team strategic plan and financial outlook with budgeting for marketing/ advertising.
  • A plan for the space and how it would be setup physically.
  • A plan for attracting and hiring the additional practitioners they were seeking to match the level of consciousness they were looking to manifest at the center.
  • I drew a mandala logo for them which we created in a unified vision.
  • I assisted them in the creation of a website, business cards, letterhead and brochures for the center.
  • As they were not seeking to create a training area within the framework of their vision, I showed them how, within their current community, certain courses could be taught to bring new clients to the center and I assisted them in developing/ marketing these courses.
  • I then taught them how to sustain themselves, how to update their site content, and how to realign every week with their team to ensure the unified vision stays on track.

This creation, including securing the space and bringing together the practitioners, took us three and a half months.  This is the typical time period for this level of a center of eight total practitioners.

Are you looking to create a center? Contact me for a consultation to see how I can help you clarify and manifest your unique vision!