Bitmap in new options for ad layoutsWhat drives your marketing practices?

If you say ‘getting more clients’ you may be missing your market, and your soul’s truth.  Marketing to me is about aligning my message with what I truly wish to offer my clients and community.  My marketing illuminates my core values, and reminds me and those who view it what I stand for.

Too often in today’s society we focus on driving business through fear.  We create marketing to target the insecurities of clients.  Can that make money, maybe.  Will that further your path and that of your clients, unlikely.

My core values of integrity, clarity, bringing real transformation forth and the belief that my clients create miracles drive every session and all of my marketing materials.

Another way to say it is do you drive your client toward you by welcoming them into a space that aligns with their values, thereby attracting the right clients for what you offer, or do you attract them by fear?