I was speaking with a colleague the other day about how we as entrepreneurs view ourselves.  My colleague runs a homeopathic lab overseas and as we discussed the topic, together we looked at how we see ourselves and each other.  As an entrepreneur who crosses two fields, one more the ‘norm’ with consulting/coaching and one less with alternative medicine and healing, self-concept not only helps me define my roles for clients, it also helps me to hold the role I’m in at the time to offer a clear, consistent presence for those I’m working with.

For my friend as a lab technician and manager/ entrepreneur, he felt his self-concept notions helped him to hold his roles clearly and confidently as well, and for him, this was even more important when no one else was there.

Self-concept we determined then is not only about how we self-define, it also holds within it an inherent aspect of self-discipline.

As we think, so there we are:)

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