Every entrepreneur has a unique vision – or several visions – that make them different from the pack.  Along with those differences come seven critical traits that are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur, they are:

1) A Wish to Learn:  As an entrepreneur, you will be learning constantly.  Learning how to put your message out there, learning how to work with your clients, learning how to manage your time, learning how to stay healthy during periods of stress…constant learning is core to entrepreneurship.  When you think you are done learning, you may wish to rethink things.

2) A Tough Skin:  We all wish we were surrounded by supportive, positive people all the time.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  As an entrepreneur in practice for over two decades, I’ve had my share of people who were less than supportive and I’ve learned over the years it truly doesn’t matter what others think is possible.  All that matters is what I believe and what my clients, students and supporters believe.  I give 110% to my clients, students and customers and that creates the positive energy.

3) Ability to Let Go of Failures:   Failure is not a bad word.  When something doesn’t work out the way we want it to, we need to have a process for learning from it and then letting it go and moving on.  I’ve had entrepreneurs come to me years after a failure still stuck in it.  The only thing this does is limit your future success.  We need to learn to let go and move forward.  If something doesn’t work out there is a reason for it and usually, when we listen to it, the reason is to move us to putting our focus on something more valuable.

4) Perseverance:  There are going to be days you want to check out.  Days when your schedule is too much, when you feel overwhelmed, when you wish there were ten of you.  There are going to be times when you need to recharge and don’t know how to.  It’s ok to feel this way.  Take a day off, do what you need to to get back, and then jump back in.  YOU create your destiny, no one knows this more than entrepreneurs.  When you feel you are ready to drop out of the game, know this is just temporary.  You were made for this.  Perseverance is a trait to be practiced and you will persevere.

5) Know Your Needs for Balance:  We all have unique ways we take care of ourselves.  Some go to the gym or take in a mindless movie.  Others go to the spa or take a hike or bike-ride.  Whatever your needs are, whatever makes you feel balanced, learn what they are and then schedule them into your day.  As an entrepreneur we can too quickly become workaholics.  You will never make it if you are.  You must have balance.

6) Consistent Passion:  Just like in your relationships, you need to keep your passion for your business going.  For some this means regularly adding new options or products, for others it means connecting with other businesses to rejuvenate through relationships.  Whatever keeps your passion for your business high, reinforce it often.  Passion is electric and will help you sustain your business in years to come.

7) Ahhhh Discipline:  Yes, we need to have discipline to run a business.  Yet discipline doesn’t have to be a bad word, nor does it need to be stressful.  Discipline doesn’t mean we don’t need to get help sometimes either.  We don’t have to do everything ourselves.  What discipline does mean is you take the time and effort to do what you know you need to do to be successful and move forward.  Sometimes this is planning out your next year, or your next week.  Sometimes it’s scheduling meetings to discuss aspects of your business that may not be the most pleasant.  As entrepreneurs we can’t shy away from the difficult conversations and we must be disciplined to get what we need to have done completed and not procrastinate.

I hope you found this helpful!  Blessings, Jen