Coaching and Consulting are often used interchangeably in business today, and there are a few differences that are important to define in determining the right fit for you as a service provider. I am both a certified business coach AND a seasoned consultant with an MBA, more on my background here. I bring both to the table as needed by my clients.

Coaching is offered in various fields today and not all coaches are actually trained in coaching as it isn’t a fully regulated field. While I am fully supportive of coaches coaching businesses, not all coaches have much business experience so choose your partner carefully. Coaching is more about support and clarity on your path. As a coach, I assist my clients in clarifying their goals, setting plans of action tasks and, as an NLP coach, breaking through fears and mental/emotional barriers to success. Because of the personal aspects of coaching, it’s critical to have a strong rapport with your coach and believe they can take you to the next level.

I’ve coached entrepreneurs, actors, singers, holistic businesses, individuals determining their path, and more.  See my business client testimonials here and many more testimonials in both business and individual coaching/ empowerment here.

Consulting is offered usually by those with a business degree or related industry degree who have experience specifically in your field and/or in business setup and consulting.  With an MBA and Bachelor’s degree in international business/ international marketing and over 20 years of experience with clients all over the world, my background is solid as is my experience.

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