Career and Life-Path Transformation

I am passionate about assisting you in creating what you truly desire.

I began career coaching in 1990 at NYU Career Center and moved into Human Resources Consultant with American Express Travel where I helped a team of 37 employees redefine their careers, skills and resume’s for creating life paths inside and outside the company that were right for them.  (See my full resume here.)

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people and thousands of students manifest the lives, careers and businesses they truly desire.  I consider my form of support to be holistic career coaching.  I’m not looking only to focus on the career of your dreams, I’m also assisting you in integrating this new career into your life path and ensure the overall picture of this integration meets your goals and aspirations.

I assist with:

  • Career definition, redefinition and personal transformation in the job market.
  • Seeing the unseen potential for dramatic shifts, putting that into powerful resumes and power coaching for interviews.
  • Creating first resume’s after years of unemployment (due to parenthood, illness and other reasons to be out of the job market for stretches of time.)
  • Self-empowerment and support through major and minor transitions through empowerment coaching, NLP and gestalt work for transforming self-definition and empowering self-concept.
  • and various other options for assisting you in creating the career and life-path you truly desire.
Contact me and see how we can partner to transform your career into a fulfilling life path!