7 Critical Entrepreneur Traits

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Every entrepreneur has a unique vision – or several visions – that make them different from the pack.  Along with those differences come seven critical traits that are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur, they are: 1) A Wish to Learn:  As an entrepreneur, you will be learning constantly.  Learning how to put your message out there, learning how to work with your clients, learning how to manage your time, learning how to...

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Key Pages in a Powerful Practice Website

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I’ve created over 40 practitioner websites in the past 10 years and what I’ve learned is there are several key pages every practitioner site needs to have in order to engage potential clients and students. The top 4 are: Home page – The homepage should be your ‘Hi, Thanks for Visiting!’ page.  Think of it like when someone walks into your store, you greet them (I’m not saying walmart greeters, I’m...

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Case Study – Wellness Center Creation

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Three years ago Michael came to me with a request to assist him and his team in creating a wellness center that incorporated various aspects of alternative healing including naturopathic medicine, body-centered therapies, a holistically-oriented esthetician, colonics (which we later realized would be better set as a relationship with a local colon hydrotherapist than within the center due to what was required physically to make this type of...

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Current Case Study

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This area is to highlight current client examples of our integrative offerings for you to get an overview of what a process may look like. CLIENT: Chiropractor with over a decade of experience seeking to change his focus and pick up new markets. FORMAT:  Two Power Sessions, Three Integrative Sessions. Kyle came to me through a colleague asking if I could help him refocus.  He has been a chiropractor for over a decade and no longer...

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