8 key points of a power websiteWhen I began my alternative coaching and healthcare practice in 1990 I didn’t know who to turn to for assistance.  There weren’t many solo practitioners my age and very few also had my business background.  I recall paying an acupuncturist in NYC for two hours of his time to discuss how he created his practice.  He was 62 and he said the most important thing was to be the best practitioner you can be and let the universe build the practice around you.  I still believe this AND I also believe solid business acumen can bring a practitioner to a whole new level of practice.

We as healers and holistic businesses often have unique visions for our work that society may not have many maps for.  If you chose to be an accountant or open a bed and breakfast, there is a book for it.  Becoming a medical intuitive, a homeopath or a myofascial release therapist has less of a map.  While there is much written on starting a massage business, our field is changing and the way we market ourselves needs to change with it.  The way we work together needs to as well.

I created my Holistic Business Course for a university certification program in 1998.  Since then I’ve taught it to hundreds of individuals.  I’ve changed it slightly each year to ensure it meets current needs for social media, internet and the differences in the economy and healthcare.

I’ve done the same changes with the way I coach new practitioners and seasoned one’s, to ensure we are aligning their unique talents with their markets and their evolving markets for sustainability.

One speciality of mine is creating and co-creating wellness centers.  If a center is your vision, be it a teaching or wellness center (or both), feel free to contact me to see how what I do might meet your needs.

I look forward to seeing how I can assist you in bringing your vision to reality, the time is NOW to begin. The world needs your gifts.  Contact me today and start manifesting.