>>> Determining your market.

This may entail many aspects including and not limited to:  defining your company’s mission/ vision, assessing the current market viability, looking at options for expanding your reach through partnerships and other options, and testing your market through various online and offline tools.

>>> Setting a plan to reach your target market.

This may entail many aspects including and not limited to:  assessing online (Facebook, website, Twitter, Linked In, etc.) options, assessing offline (print media, advertising, etc.), community options (event marketing and more) and various ways to connect with your market through integrative partnering.

>>> Implementing your plan with Integrity and Authentic Language.

This may entail many aspects including and not limited to:  Defining a project plan with actionable steps to reach your goals, integrating technology as is appropriate and effective in reaching your goals, internalizing (NLP) a solid emotional framework to align with your plan so you don’t feel stuck, working with various organizations to gain visibility during your implementation, and more.


As a consultant with 20+ years experience helping entrepreneurs reach the next level, I assist in any and all of these areas.  My clients are senior executives, entrepreneurs and alternative healthcare practitioners/ centers who have reached and exceeded their goals in manifesting powerful businesses that have sustained themselves for years and will continue for years to come.

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From market assessment to logo creation to web design to uncommon online marketing to reach your target audience (I partner with SEO and other companies when needed to reach your goals), I am your partner in manifesting the business of your unique vision through authentic, effective, value-driven marketing opportunities.

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