Please note, this information is related to empowering businesses, for more on my alternative medicine, please see my other sites.

Jenifer Shapiro, Empowerment Business

Jenifer Shapiro, Empowerment Business

I began having an interest in business as a child.  My father was a consultant and my mother an entrepreneur and it was in my blood to create something unique to offer the world.

I am also an intuitive and found early in life that following my path usually meant not following the crowd.  At age 11 I read my first book on mind-body relationships and I was hooked.  I quickly became intrigued by NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), shamanism, homeopathy and hypnotherapy.   (Please see my other sites for more information on these areas.)

During my studies in international business and integrative philosophy at NYU (New York University), I took on a part-time position as a career and technology counselor at the NYU counseling facilities.   At the same time, I started coaching new entrepreneurs working in the alternative healing fields on areas of creating a new business, marketing and using NLP to become empowered.

After graduation, I became certified in NLP (as well as shiatsu, massage, hypnotherapy and began my homeopathy education) and took on a position with American Express in Human Resources (where I also trained as a career coach and MBTI facilitator initially) and assisted 37 employees in transitioning upon the closing of the office.  From creating new positions within the company to transferring their skill-sets to new areas to assisting with resumes and business plans, I helped these amazing employees find their unique paths.  It was empowering for me as well as I knew I’d found part of my path.

After American Express I returned to graduate school for a degree in International Management with a focus on International Marketing from The American Graduate School of International Management.  During my time there I both worked again as a career counselor and also began a side practice in Arizona as a business coach/ technology consultant.  The internet was new then and I assisted businesses with planning their integration into new technologies.  (I also began leading vision quests in Sedona, AZ – for more on this, see my retreats.)

Upon graduation, I took a position on a technology team implementing a software called SAP R/3.  I quickly became an expert in  SAP R/3 Security (actually wrote the first manual on implementing SAP Security in International Organizations) and strategic planning with Bristol-Myers Squibb and shortly thereafter took a consulting position with PriceWaterhouse (later PriceWaterhouseCoopers) as a technology and strategy implementation expert.

During this time I also became certified in a variety of technology and business areas including becoming a Certified Internet Webmaster and Teacher (a course I later taught in various computer schools), Certified Business Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and others.  I continued my own business as well, integrating alternative medicine with empowerment coaching.

I also took on a consulting project with Comcast assisting them in strategizing and implementing a corporate university complete with training courses and technical manuals (I also wrote a 500+ page manual during this time teaching their teams to install cable/ internet in complex environments).

After several years of working both in consulting and alternative medicine/ coaching, I left my consulting position to open my full-time practice, at that time in New York City and Malvern, Pennsylvania (I’ve since moved to California and travel east often to work with clients and teach).

In the past two decades, I have consulted for various companies and individuals in the areas of empowerment, technology (internet and other technologies), business strategy and implementation, marketing, client resource management and more.  I have created websites, strategized new company implementations, written and co-authored business plans for new and seasoned businesses, assisted companies in receiving venture capital and created various forms of marketing and advertising plans online and off.

Below is a list of some of my work.

Client Lists and Collaborations:

Jenifer’s individual client list includes entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, holistic wellness center owners, holistic retail establishments, educational institutions and individuals wishing to re-create themselves, their careers and their lives.

Individual clients include: 

Local business clients include:  The Inspired Life, Journey Home, EarthSpeak, Essential Wellness Center, Ancient Oriental Healing Arts, Mr. Barstool, Cooper and Schaffer Law Firm, Creative Soul Workshops, The Massage Studio King of Prussia and Feng Shui For You.

***Highlights: Creating websites for all of the above including several that offered the client the option of managing their own updates.  Creating marketing materials, ads for local magazines and online networks, logos and launching successful marketing programs.

Local Educational Institutions and Hospitals Include:  Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine, Jefferson Health System, Doylestown Health and Wellness Center, Philadelphia School of Massage.

***Highlights:  Created several custom certification programs for holistic business and holistic practitioners at the university level; co-created an alternative medicine program; led and co-led workshops in various areas of alternative health, esoteric medicine and entrepreneurship including an annual program at Jefferson University for underprivileged communities teaching them to create their own websites (using a template I authored) to support healing communities worldwide.

Jenifer has worked with the following corporations: American Express, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GE Americom, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lucent Technologies, Pitney Bowes, PJM Interconnection, Global Sports Inc. (now GSI Commerce), Comcast Cable, SoftAssist, Siemens and Boiron.

Jenifer also assisted on a resiliency project with prominent psychologist and author Andrew Shatte and the Thomas Jefferson University- Center for Collaborative Research on a project empowering under-served communities. 

Her Empowerment Work with Teenagers has been shown on various television stations including WYBE and Drexel Station.