The following are a list of websites offering information on my work, beliefs and offerings.

All of these sites were created by Jenifer Shapiro.

JENIFERSHAPIRO.COM – This site offers an overview of my background, beliefs, courses, products, services and more.

THE EMPOWERMENT CENTRE – This is my main site for alternative healing information for individuals.  Articles, free ebooks and other information is available here.

CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY– This website offers information on my classical and clinical homeopathy offerings for individuals and animals.

TRAUMA RELEASE METHOD  – Releasing layers of PTSD and trauma through integrative healing of the nervous system, memory and mind/body/soul connection.  Certification options for practitioners and counseling sessions/ courses for individuals.

INNER MANIFESTING METHOD – Getting to the core of the experience of creating beliefs, memories and future visions, the Inner Manifesting Method explores what it means to create our world internally and manifest it externally.  Book and CD series available as well as courses in Inner Manifesting and Creative Visioning.

SCION METHOD – Energy healing for the individual, courses and practices for self-empowerment, healing and increasing one’s vital force through integrating powerful alternative methods.

LINEAGE WORK/ LINEAGE THERAPY – Within us is an integrate memory system reminding our genetic code and soul’s process of  lineages within this and past/ future lifetimes that serve us and limit us.  Learn to tap into this grid of energy and make conscious choices on where your energies ly.

SPINAL RELEASE METHOD –  This method specializes in releasing deep structures of trauma from the jaw, nervous system, fascia and cranial sacral system.

HOLISTIC COACHING METHODS – There are times when our healthcare becomes overwhelming and we need someone to help us navigate our way back to optimal wellness.  I offer coaching for individuals looking for a partner in healing.

CURING LYME DISEASE  – Today in standard medicine, lyme disease is gravely misunderstood.  As an alternative healer, intuitive and homeopath I work with clients to cure lyme and come home to healing.