When Internal Struggle is Holding You Back, Integrative NLP Can Move You Forward!

nlp-photo-brain-blueNLP stands for neurolinguistic programming, which is a framework for shifting inner beliefs, triggers and emotional states for empowering the self and one’s world.

As an NLP student, teacher and consultant/ coach for over 20 years, I’ve learned that NLP offers unique opportunities to refine and redefine the internal landscape to assist entrepreneurs and all individuals in creating a solid internal structure from which to manifesting and own your business without constant fears and needless internal walls.

I integrate NLP into my business coaching to offer my clients the unique ability to break through barriers AS THEY ARISE within the creative and business process.  This allows my clients to create businesses quickly, without limiting themselves with old, unwanted patterns.

EXAMPLE:  To better understand how NLP can be useful for entrepreneurs, here is a real life example of a recent client’s experience.

I have a client, we will call him Sam.  Sam came to me with a business idea to create a local gym that had a holistic framework.  We did a power session to define the idea and began to craft his strategic implementation plan for manifesting it.  A few weeks into working his plan, Sam got stuck.  He had problems sleeping and felt constant fears he couldn’t understand consciously.  Sam and I scheduled a 1.5 hour NLP session in which I took him into the fear and through it to understand what was occurring.  We found a few old memories of when his father had created a business that had failed and the family had severely suffered.  Sam was married with two children and realized he was afraid of re-creating that pattern.  We started by working through the fear and releasing the old memories.  Then we empowered that inner part that needed reassurance by reconstructing the strategic plan with checkpoints to ensure he felt confident along the way that he was moving forward.  We also in a later session spent some time creating an inner belief that he was different than his father and had learned from his mistakes.   This created an inner platform from which to create something unique and new that he could believe in and know was sustainable.

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